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FaceTite | Non-Surgical Face Lift Vancouver

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What is FaceTite ?

FaceTite is an FDA-approved minimally invasive procedure that results in skin-tightening, fat-melting, and wrinkle reduction. FaceTite procedure delivers radiofrequency energy internally to melt the fat, and externally to tighten your skin. This gives you a lifted, more contoured, and youthful appearance without the need for an invasive/surgical procedure. Click here to watch an excellent video demonstrating how FaceTite works. 

Am I a good candidate for FaceTite treatment?

If you have a double chin, saggy or loose skin on your face, visible signs of aging around your eyes (tired eyes or dark circles), cheeks, mouth, neck, or jawline and looking for fast, inexpensive, and exceptional results without surgery, FaceTite is a great option for you. FaceTite is also a great alternative to Facelift surgery as it can be done under local anesthesia without any large incisions and long recovery time.

Which areas can be treated with FaceTite?

In our Vancouver office we have extensive experience providing FaceTite for both Men and women. Our clients often seek FaceTite for: 

getting rid of their double chin, Jowls or sagging skin below your chin and jawline

 Loose neck skin

Around the eyes  

Laugh Lines (Nasolabial folds)

 Smile lines (click here to see what these are)

Is FaceTite worth the price ?

FaceTite has become an extremely popular treatment in Vancouver and we certainly receive many enquiries from patients around the greater Vancouver. In fact it is Dr. Akbari’s favorite non-surgical procedure, because of the dramatic results she can achieve for you with only one treatment, without any scars and with minimal to no downtime. Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown high patient satisfaction (AKA patients love their FaceTite results in both our North Vancouver and Vancouver Clinics), and in this study (click here to read the study) 93% of patients were satisfied with their results. 

Many celebrities (Click here if you are interested to see which famous celebrities have had FaceTite ) including Paula Abdul and Kelly Dodd are amongst those who have undergone FaceTite and are loving their results.

 Watch Paula Abdul (Click here) and Kelly Dodd (Click here) raving about their FaceTite procedures. Now you can receive the same treatment and results as these famous celebrities right here in Vancouver. 

If you want to have a chiseled jawline like these celebrities  without the hassle of surgery, you need to consider FaceTit and you need visit our Vancouver clinics to get started. 

What are the benefits of FaceTite ?

  1. Achieves both Skin Tightening and Fat-Melting: This makes FaceTite the ideal procedure for treatment of mild to moderate sagging face, loose skin of neck and the double chin area. 
  2. No Visible Scars: Dr. Akbari will create one to three access ports using a needle. These are typically under your chin and/or ear lobes. There are no scalpels involved and patients will not have large incisions.
  3.  Great results with a SINGLE treatment: FaceTite achieves significant skin tightening in majority of patients with only one treatment. 
  4. This saves you from multiple visits and extended recovery time. 
  5. Surgical results without the surgery: FaceTite is done under local anesthesia and does not require large incisions. FaceTite can achieve surgical results without the surgery in select patients.

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding FaceTite In Vancouver

One of the advantages of being Vancouver’s largest and most trusted centers for FaceTite treatments  is that we can offer the most affordable pricing in Vancouver. 

Generally the cost depends on the number of areas treated and in most centers in Vancouver it starts at $3800. However, we usually have great promotions. Once you visit our clinic, Dr. Akbari, our Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon will do a thorough consultation with you and will make recommendations on which regions of your face, neck or jawline will benefit from FaceTite. Our team will then provide you with a customized quote. Click above to get up to date pricing and find out about our Vancouver FaceTite promotions. 

The good  news is that FaceTite treatment can last you a long time. Unlike other procedures which only last less than a year, you can enjoy your FaceTite results for up to 5 years or more. Lifestyle choices like diet and exercise can help prolong the results of the treatment. We recommend medical grade skin care, and maintenance with skin tightening procedures such as Morpheus 8 RF microneedling (Click here to read more about this). 

  • Experience and innovation: to date we have performed over hundreds of FaceTite treatments. 
  • We use the latest and most advanced technology
  • Physician directed therapy: Our FaceTite service is overseen by an award winning surgeon, Dr. Eli Akbari MD, FRCSC. She is British Columbia’s only female facial plastic surgeon.
  • Dr. Akbari is the leading Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon performing FaceTite procedures in Vancouver. Her extensive surgical training allows her to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for FaceTite, and she can achieve dramatic outcomes for you in the saftest way possible.

Not at MONARCH MD. FaceTite is not a painful procedure and is done in the office under local anesthesia. Patients may experience some soreness to the treated area for the first few days. This can be easily managed
with Tylenol. All of our patients rate their pain level 0-2 out of 10. Usually you can relax and watch your favorite Netflix show while you receive your FaceTite in our State of the art Vancouver clinic.  

Patients notice results as early as 2-4 weeks. Full results take 6-12 months as your body produces collagen and elastin for maximum skin tightening.

FaceTite can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the areas treated and adjunct procedures performed such as liposuction and Morpheus 8 RF microneedling.

Dr. Akbari commonly performs microcannula liposuction, and/or Morpheus 8 RF microneedling. This depends on your goals and your unique anatomy. Some patients may benefit from small amount of dermal filler to areas such as their chin and jawline. Dr. Akbari, our Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon will go over what procedures will best suit your needs during your consultation. 

It’s critical that you choose a clinic that prioritizes your safety. FaceTite is an FDA approved and is a very safe procedure. FaceTite risks include infection, temporary numbness and contour irregularity. At our clinic you are in good hands. As an award winning Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Akbari takes all the precautions to minimize your risks. It is important that your FaceTite procedure is done by an experienced board-certified surgeon.

If you have a double chin or have mild to moderate loose skin around your face and neck, you are likely an excellent candidate for FaceTite.
Patients who have severe jowling and loose skin around their face and neck may benefit more from a surgical facelift. If you are interested in finding out whether or not you should choose FaceTite or Surgical Face Lift in Vancouver, then call our Vancouver office to book your appointment and we will give you all the tools and information you need to make a decision. 

How much does it cost?

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