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What is double chin ?

Double chin also known as submental fat is a common condition where a layer of fat or excess fat forms under the chin area. By reducing the amount of submental fat it’s possible to attain a more chiseled jaw appearance. The general misconception is that having a double chin means you are over-weight. This is far from the truth. In fact, you don’t have to be overweight to get a double chin. There are many underlying causes which result in double chin, including: 

Weight gain

Skin laxity

Aging Skin

Poor Posture

Facial Structure


What is the first step in treating double chin?

Before deciding which treatment is suitable for you its important to have  the underlying cause of your double chin diagnosed. At Monarch MD, our award winning facial plastic surgeon has decades of experience with diagnosing and treating double chin in men and women in Vancouver. This includes detailed medical examination, high resolution imaging and sometimes complete blood test. 

How does a double chin affect facial aesthetics?

For many people,  a double chin can affect their self-esteem and confidence. It can also make you appear older. In fact, a study shows that even a slight double chin can lead to negative feelings.

In rare cases, excess chin fat can contribute to a condition called obstructive sleep apnea, where breathing stops and starts frequently during sleep.

Having a strong, defined jawline can undoubtedly enhance your facial harmony and highlight other features like the eyes and cheekbones.

Not surprisingly, many celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, have opted for non-invasive double chin treatments to achieve the desired facial contour.

As an award-winning surgeon, Dr. Akbari specializes in non-surgical double chin removal that starts with understanding the causes of double chin.

What is the most effective treatment for double chin?

Another misconception is that if one loses enough weight then their double chin would disappear. While this might be true for some individuals, we see many patients who have lost an impressive amount of weight through diet and exercise — but they are still have excessive submental fat and a double chin. Luckily there are many treatment options for “melting away” the double chin in Vancouver. Most treatments fall under two main categories surgical and non-surgical double chin treatment. At Monarch MD we have both options available but our most favorite is the non-surgical double chin therapy. Before we go any further lets go over the non-surgical options for double chin treatment.

1) Kybella: In this mode of double chin treatment a substance called deoxycholic acid (Kybella) which is a fat-absorbing substance is injected in the chin area.

Disadvantages of Kybella for double chin treatment:

– At least 3-6 treatments are needed. In other words you have to see you doctor 3-6 times over a course of 6-8 months to receive these injections. 

– Moderate pain, redness and discomfort for up to 1-2 weeks post treatment.

Advantages of Kybella for double chin treatment: 

– In office procedure, non-invasive

2. AccuTite for double chin treatment: This is a brand new treatment modality for double chin which uses radiofrequency to target the fat cells in the double chin area. 

Advantages of AccuTite for double chin treatment: 

– Only one treatment is needed.

– Quick procedure – it only takes 20 minutes

– In office procedure without the need for general anesthesia

– Immediate results – patients notice reduction of their double chin right after treatment

– It’s the most cost effective form of double chin treatment 

– Minimal downtime – most patients resume daily activity right after their first treatment 

Disadvantages of AccuTite for double chin treatment:

– Minimal swelling and redness for 1-2 days after treatment 


Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Double Chin Treatment in Vancouver

The cost of double chin treatment in Vancouver varies based on several factors including the type of treatment you receive Kybella versus AccuTite. For Kybella most clinics charge $1200-2000 per session (most patients need 3-5 sessions). For AccuTite the cost is a one time cost and it usually ranges from $3500-6000. 

One of the advantages of being Vancouver’s largest and most trusted clinic for double chin treatment is that we can offer the most affordable pricing for your double chin in Vancouver. 

At MonarchMD we offer most available treatment options for double chin treatment. This includes Kybella and AccuTite. We have done 100s of treatments with both methods for double chin treatment. By far the most effective, affordable, and popular treatment amongst our patients has been AccuTite treatment for double chin. The reasons why both us and our patients prefer AccuTite are: (1) You usually only need 1 session to achieve the best result (i.e have your double chin melted!), (2) It’s virtually pain free and only takes 20 minutes, (3) Results are immediate and even get better a few weeks after your procedure. 


  • Experience and innovation: to date we have performed over 500 double chin treatments. We are the one of the only clinics in Vancouver to offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for double chin. 
  • We use the latest and most advanced technology: We are amongst the only clinics in Vancouver that use the world-renowned, AccuTite system for melting our double chin. Most clinics do not offer this options because it only be used by a board certified Facial plastic surgeon. 
  • Physician directed double chin treatment in Vancouver: Our double chin treatments are done by an award winning surgeon, Dr. Eli Akbari MD, FRCSC. She is British Columbia’s only female facial plastic surgeon.

The beauty of the treatment we offer for double chin is that you can see results right after your procedure. In other words 20 minutes after walking into our clinic you can see your double chin disappear. But wait, there is more. If you choose AccuTite for treatment of your double chin, you will continue to see improvements and reduction of fat in your chin area for the several weeks after the procedure. 

While there is no particular diet to reduce double chin, we do recommend eating healthy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and focusing on skin health with skincare.

We use advanced non-surgical double chin removal techniques to get rid of double chins permanently!

We understand your concern about lost skin elasticity and poor skin quality, however, it is never too late to treat your double chin.

A more comprehensive approach may be needed in certain cases. At Monarch MD with our innovation and experience, we have all the tools to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Connect with us to know more about our non-invasive double chin treatment options.

Images of our Vancouver patients before and after double chin treatments:

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